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At Funny Bunnies, we believe in 'active play’ and encourage children to follow their own interests and fascinations. All of our staff support and extend children's learning and development through close observation, planning & modelling. 

We ensure we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) when enabling our environments & planning, whether this is provocations for child led or any adult led activities. 

The 7 areas of develop include - 

Personal, Social & Emotional Development (PSE) 

Communication & Language (CL) 

Physical Development (PD) 

Mathematics (M)

Literacy (L)

Understand of the world (UW) 

Expressive art & design (EAD). 

At Funny Bunnies we believe stories are a crucial resource of a children's development. Each week we implement “Story of the week” the story is read to the children each day. Repetitive stories provide children with lots more chances to acquire new vocabulary, have a positive impact on their development and comprehension and a feeling of mastery which brings them comfort and improves their self-confidence. 

Funny bunnies works closely with North Somerset, we implement the Make believe Poetry Basket and Helicopter Stories. 

Please see the link below to find out more information. 

Our Curriculum : Our Curriculum
Our Curriculum : Pro Gallery
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